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I'm Annie and this is my personal Tumblr where I share mainly digital media trends and insights, passion for gaming, thoughts, and occasionally photos of Mr. Felix the Cat.
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\o/ summer jam 2013! 

Because now it’s not about your love for the games you do have; it’s about your lust for any that you don’t.”

Gif pretty much sums up Vine (via @Gizmodo)

Viggle celebrates its first year with 1.8 million registered users and 151 million check-ins (via @TheNextWeb).  Kind of a big deal.  Makes me wonder how cable companies missed integrating such features in their apps. Still trying to collect enough points for a free t-shirt.  

Meet my little Felix!  I’ve been testing out Catmoji the new pinterest-like site for cat lovers like me!  Cute content, very cat exclusive so who cares about anything else? :D

Caught this song while watching Breaking Bad, thank you Sound Hound! :)

Innovation is about adapting to and benefiting from change that might arise because of new technologies, new customers or new competitors entering the space.